How to change nameservers for my domain

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In today’s post we will learn how to update nameservers for your blog. But first let us see, what nameservers are ?

name server is a computer server that hosts a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. It maps a human-recognizable identifier to a system-internal, often numeric, identification or addressing component.

By updating the namesevers, you tell your domain that where is all the content of the blog stored.

Steps to update Nameservers :

     1. Checkout the email that you received from your WebHost after you bought hosting from them. Your WebHost might have sent you all the details, including the nameservers. If not, then you will need to contact you WebHost.
Nameservers are something like :


     2.  Once you find these nameservers, log into your Domain Management Interface, and click the Name Servers link.  You will see a screen similar to this:

update nameservers

Update your Nameservers

3. Enter the nameservers for the domain name into the Nameserver entry boxes.

4.  After the changes are made, click Update Nameservers.

5. Voila ! You are done. Now wait for few hours and your name servers will be updated.


Do let us know if you find any problem in updating your nameservers. We are always there to help you out.
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  1. Thanks sir..It was quiet helpful..I wanted to transfer my hosting from one to the other can you mail me the procedure..
    And i just started blogging..So need your advices for
    Thanks in advance for the help..

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Vaibhav. And very soon I will be writing an article on how to transfer your database from one hosting to another and I will make sure that I mail a copy of that article to you. Till then, Keep visiting.

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