Tips for fast Adsense approval

Tips for fast Adsense approval | How to Get Google Adsense account

Majority of the bloggers blog for money. And Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money via your blog as it provides you with the best CPC. As a matter of fact no other Ad Network pays you even 1/10th of Adsense.
BUT these days Google Adsense is being quite strict about their TOS and very few people are getting their Adsense accounts approved.

I too have gone through the frustration of many “Adsense Application Rejected” emails. But finally, in my 8th attempt i got it approved. So today i will be summing up whatever i have learned. I will be sharing with you folks what Google expects from your site before you can display Adsense ads on your blog/website.

adsense approval tips


TLD is what you should go for.

TLD or Top Level Domain is what i will suggest for you. Never go with something like “” or something like “”.

It’s better if you go with TLDs like “.com”, “.org” etc. TLDs have become quiet cheap these days. Also you can get further discount by using various coupon codes. You may grab some good discount coupon codes at our COUPONS page.

Domain Age.

This ultra fast generation of ours is impatient. We need everything now. I have seen many newbie bloggers apply for Adsense accounts just after a week they start blogging. But fellas, here you need some patience. Google love sites which are a bit old. So don’t be in a hurry. Let your blog grow. Wait for atleast two to three months. And in the mean time produce some good content, do some SEO and tweak your site’s performance.

Quality Content.

That’s a must. Produce some quality content. Write original articles. Write content to engage your readers. Before applying for Adsense, make sure that your blog has atleast 40-50 high quality original articles.
NOTE : Never ever copy content. Else don’t dream for Adsense.

Some Tweaks.

Tweak your blog design. Make sure that the design is user friendly and easy navigation should be there.
Also i would suggest you to create the following pages for your blog :

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy Policy page
  • Sitemap

Points to remember.

  1. Read all the Adsense program policies and TOS.
  2. Don’t you dare post articles about porn stuff, terrorism, gambling etc.
  3. Minimum article length suggested : 300 words.

Two things that i learned.

Disclaimer : The things that i will now state won’t work all the time, but there is no harm doing them.

  1. The details on your contact page should be the same as that you used to buy the domain.
  2. While providing your address in the Adsense form, stuff some number in the starting. Your house number, street number or anything.

For instance if your address is :

Mr. ABC,
Street PQR,

then make it,

32, Mr. ABC,
Street PQR,

Now Apply.

Once you have done all the things stated above, you are ready to apply for Google Adsense.
Here is the link : Google Adsense.

That’s it. Good luck guys. Do let us know if you find any problems for getting your Adsense account approved.
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  1. I am fed up of applying again and again now. Every time I apply for the adsense account Google rejects my account.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Kundan, i visited your blog and saw that you are using several other ads on it. I would suggest you not to use ads of Adfly and reapply then.

  2. alpana says:

    ajay! you rock baby….!

  3. Ajay Bhai no offense meant, but you are not using adsense on your blog, thats strange. Also regarding other adds, I added them after my adsense rejection. When I applied for adsense my blog was clean , not even one affiliate link.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Kundan,
      I use Adsense on other blogs of mine, for this blog i have some other plans.
      Also i would suggest you to keep trying.
      Good Luck.

  4. Yudi says:

    Would you visit my blog Ajay, so you can tell me what the problem, that google reject my apply

    • Admin says:

      Hello Yudi,
      i visited your blog. But i am not able to understand the language of your blog.
      May be this is an issue. You will have to look that whether or not Google approve Adsense accounts for the language you are writing your blog in.

      • Yudi says:

        The languange of my blog is bahasa indonesia, and google support this, need more hard work i think to get in big family of ggole adsense

  5. Jhony says:

    hi …sir can you please visit my Blog and can advice me as to why Google keep on rejecting my blog. What i think is that Indian Bloggers have to be a year old in order to get approved. Is it a fact?

    • Admin says:

      Hello Jhony, that’s not true.
      And have you implemented some other ad networks on your blog ? I will suggest you to remove all other ad networks from your blog and also remove all copied post, if there is any.

  6. hari says:

    hi … what is the age of a indian blog to get aproved for adsense

  7. Asiru Nasir says:

    I haven’t apply for adsense account, planing to apply after 2 months, domain age is good and other points should be followed as you stated here.


  8. mohit says:

    This is my blog=>
    i apply google adsence 2 times but google rejected my account give me the reason plz

  9. vaibhav says:

    mera bh reject kr dia salo ne…!
    more ideas sir……….!

  10. How to Increase More Visitor.
    Visit my blog and Suggest me bro.

  11. Gaurav says:

    ok bro…i read all the above points and now fill details with proper manner and send another request to adsense, now its time for waiting their reply

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