December Earning Reports

Hello friends, first of all i would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. May this new year prove one of the most successful year of your blogging journey.

So coming to the post now, this is the first time i am going to reveal my online income. I would  like to claim that i am writing this post just for the sake of  newbie bloggers, just as to give them some inspiration. To be true, it was the “Income Reports” of the fellow bloggers like Harsh Agrawal, that inspired me to dive in into the world of blogging. And since then, it has been a wonderful journey so far.

So here is the distribution of my earnings :

  1. Google Adsense Income : $523
  2. Selling Links : $400
  3. Affiliate Income : $400
  4. Flipping Websites : $2000
  5. Consultancy Service : $100

Google Adsense earning comes from my primary and micro-niche blogs. Although, $523 is not my highest score with Adsense, but still, this was satisfactory. And then, i am into this business of selling paid links, so i was able to fetch a good $400 by selling links, last month. Then comes affiliate income, i promote few products, via blog and also directly by word of mouth. Ofcourse, Hostgator Hosting is one of the products that i promote. And now comes the best part, Flipping websites. In December month i flipped two of my blogs on Flippa. Here are the links of my Flippa listing :

  1. https://flippa.com/2859956-pr-2-technology-blog-with-16-000-uniques-mo-making-200-mo
  2. https://flippa.com/2851183-300-per-month-positive-panda-proof-1k-daily-visitors

Last, but not the least, impressed by my SEO skills, one buyer at Flippa contacted me for consultancy service. And the deal was made for $400 for 4 months. That’s it. So i can say, December was a pretty good month for me in terms of earnings.

So fellas, i would like to say it is pretty much possible to earn money online, but all you need is patience and perseverance.
Once again, all the very best for 2013. Happy Blogging.


  1. Congrats Sir…

  2. jack says:

    pretty impressive… congratulations ajay.

  3. santosh says:

    i m really impressed ….
    cngrts ajay…

  4. Really impressive and i would love to earn same

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